EDUEXPOS Milan and Rome

On the 27th and 29th of October TutorYou took part in Milan’s and Rome’s EDUEXPOS.


The EDUEXPOS is a “study abroad fair”, dedicated to helping students discover the numerous educational opportunities available around the world. During the fair you can connect with representatives from universities, language schools, colleges, government agencies and many more international institutions. EDUEXPOS offer a huge variety of options so that you will find the right study abroad program and destination for your future.
TutorYou participated as a mediator between students and Universities and colleges. We function as a support system to students whom are interested in studying abroad, but might need support in consolidating and presenting their applications or need general support with UCAS. During these two appointments we met numerous students whom were interested in the services we provide especially because they might need the help and support we offer.
It was a great experience and we would like to thank all the Universities that collaborate with us and that we brought to EDUEXPOS.

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