IB & IGCSE Revision Courses


IB & IGCSE Intensive Revision Courses

With TutorYou’s intensive review courses, you will face the IB – International Baccalaureate and IGSCE mock exams and final exams in the most efficient way, with simulations and past papers.

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IB Revision Courses
Summer 2024

IB Revision Courses
Summer 2024

The best way to be prepared for the IB and IGCSE exams

TutorYou’s IB and IGCSE review courses are uniquely structured and taught with our exclusive materials to optimize preparation, with past papers and IB mock exams simulation. 


In person group courses include 6 hours of teaching a day for 3 days, for a total of 18 hours. Online group courses include 4 hours of teaching a day for 4 days, for a total of 16 hours.

Private courses are available with slight alterations to the schedule.

How it Works

Result Maximising Structure

Each course covers the whole subject’s syllabus with practice questions for each topic. This structure enables students to internalise the necessary information in the context of their upcoming exam, maximising final result.

Comprehensive & Intensive Preparation

At the end of the course,  a past paper is done in timed conditions to consolidate the students’ knowledge and enable them to tailor the remainder of their studies to their performance. This combined with the course equips the students with all the necessary tools to tackle the exams.

Tailored for Exam Success

We help each student maximise their benefit from the courses by providing personalised support that meets their individual requirements and needs. Each student is different, and we make sure that each student is receiving the individual services necessary for them.

Year-Round Solutions

Courses are held 4 times a year, and are currently offered both in person in Milan, as well as online. Tailor made courses are also available year-round for students with specific requirements.


Preparation Courses

Prepare for the IB or IGCSEs and start your program on the right foot with our Pre-IB and Pre-IGCSE Courses


Revision & Mock Exam Preparation

Keep your grades high and ace your mock exams with our Mid-IB and Mid-IGCSE Courses


Final Exam Preparation

Join us at our Easter Revision Courses and prepare for your Final exams to graduate with your highest academic potential


Some of Our Past Courses

Over 600 Expert Tutors

Our tutors have an average IB score of 42/45 and top marks in the subjects they tutor. They study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

Our rigorous screening process ensures that TutorYou’s tutors are the best of the best.


Personalised Approach

Blending a personal approach with traditional inquiry-based learning, our tutors are guaranteed to help you reach your academic potential. Our philosophy is simple but effective: 

Students helping students

We believe that tutors who completed the very qualification they teach can provide a unique insight into the program to their tutees. 

Students work alongside a tutor who is not only their mentor, but also their peer.

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