How it Works

How to Use TutorYou

The following is a guide on how to use TutorYou’s online tutoring services and student community: “The Learning Hive”

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How to request a tutor

You can request a tutor by clicking “Request a Tutor” on the menu on the left. 

In this page, there will be a form where you can tell us all the relevant information about your request.

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How to communicate with your tutors

Once you’ve been put in touch with a tutor, you’ll be put in touch with them and will be able to communicate with them under “My Messages“.

You can message your tutor to schedule lessons, and they will send you the link you need to access the lesson via a message.

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How much lessons cost

The standard TutorYou hourly prices for Online Tutoring are the ones in this price list.

In person tutoring may be organised on request, in which case prices will be higher and communicated to you.

Certain Senior tutors may have higher hourly prices due to their advanced experience and limited availability. If you are assigned a senior tutor, TutorYou will communicate the price to you ahead of time.

Please note that prices are subject to change in the months of April and May based on demand.

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How to pay for lessons

TutorYou uses a convenient wallet payment system designed to streamline your tutoring sessions. This digital wallet allows you to securely store funds and use them for any tutoring service, regardless of the tutor or subject. 

For your convenience and to minimise frequent transactions, we recommend adding funds equivalent to 5-10 hours of tutoring into your wallet. This approach ensures that you have a sufficient balance to cover multiple sessions without the need for regular top-ups. 

Once your wallet is about to finish, you will receive an email informing you of an upcoming renewal, at which point you can inform us if you wish to stop the tutoring, or change the amount that you pay.

You can see your current Wallet Balance, as well as all the lessons that you have done, by going to “My Profile” and clicking the link under “Tutoring & Payments Overview“.

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What is the Learning Hive?

The Learning Hive is an engaging online community where students can delve deeper into their academic interests, connect with others, and receive additional support. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

Joining Groups in the Learning Hive

1. Browse Groups: Open the “Groups” page via the sidemeny and explore various groups categorised by academic subjects or university application types.

2. Join Groups: Select the groups that align with your interests or academic needs and click ‘Join’. You can join multiple groups.

Engaging with the Community

1. Ask Questions: Once you’re a member of a group, you can ask questions in the Q&A section. Whether it’s a complex concept or advice on university applications, our community is here to help

2 Explore Q&A Forums: Explore the Q&A forums to see what others have asked. You’ll find  information in the questions and answers already provided, which might be relevant to your learning.

3. Read Tutor Posts: Tutors post insightful content and resources. Stay updated by checking your activity feed for new posts from groups you’ve joined

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Connect with Prestigious Universities on TutorYou

On TutorYou, students have the unique opportunity to follow and interact with our prestigious partner universities. 

Simply go to the “Universities” page, explore the university profiles, and follow those of interest to receive the latest updates, news, and event information.

You can also engage directly with university representatives to ask questions, learn about admission processes, courses, and campus life. This direct line of communication provides valuable insights and networking opportunities, enhancing your educational journey.