TutorYou Spring Revision Courses 2022

After 2 long years of exam cancellations, ever-changing pandemic restrictions and continuous disappointments, we are beyond ecstatic to have held our Spring 2022 IB & IGCSE Revision Courses in person in Milan!


The courses took place between the 16th and the 25th of April and we welcomed more than 20 students in our temporary school space in Via Cerva 20. The students were very happy to revise their subjects with young and academically excellent tutors, interact with other students and take advantage of the “stagione bella” to take some sun between classes. Though revising an entire syllabus in 3 days over 18 hours is not easy, we hope to have made the students’ experience a bit more pleasant and relaxed! Whether it was Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Business, our tutors gave their all to support students in consolidating their knowledge, practicing exam strategy and maximising their exam performance. Given that a lot of our students travelled abroad for Easter, we decided to hold some private courses as well so as to ensure no student is left out!




Since we spent Easter together, we all shared a giant egg on Easter Sunday and had a special lunch to celebrate, followed by a colomba! Our tutors all took part in the fun and we hope that they also felt the family environment we did. None of this would be possible without them and we are extremely proud to have created this wonderful network of individuals that, at the end of the day, constitute the future of our society! We are overflowing with joy and gratitude for being able to make a difference in students’ lives and personal development.




Thus far, we have received wonderful feedback from our students and their parents and we could not be happier to be able to meet everyone after such a long time spent on Zoom calls and virtual events. We would like to thank our partners at Flexworking (https://www.flexworking.it/) who offered us their space, as well as Flash Pizza in Piazza Bergamini, who welcomed us with open arms for lunch every single day.


Now that we have taken off again, there is no stopping us: Save the date because our next Revision Courses will be held between August 27th and September 4th in person in Milan!



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