TutorYou's Study Abroad Presentation for Confindustria Emilia

On the 24th of March, TutorYou’s University Consultant was invited to deliver an informative presentation on applying to universities in the UK, USA and Europe, hosted by Confindustria Emilia. The presentation was the closing session in a virtual event aimed at high school students wishing to study abroad, organized by the “Future in Action” Project.

The Future in Action project is meant to offer orientation for students and their families in order to make informed decisions about their future and pursue academic paths that will offer them the skills and competitive advantage to thrive in the labour market.

5 clusters have been identified as those with the most job opportunities according to the World Economic Forum:

  1. Data, AI & Cloud Computing
  2. Engineering
  3. Marketing & Content
  4. Economics & Management
  5. Sciences in Chemistry and Biotechnology.

TutorYou’s presentation was dedicated to foreign universities, while all the other presentations were offered by local institutions who are strong in each of the above thematic clusters.

During the presentation, we outlined application and admissions processes for a series of university types and countries, so as to inform the students about the opportunities they can access beyond the Italian border.

We hope that the presentation was useful to students and look forward to upcoming events! A big thank you to Confindustria for inviting us to participate!


The TutorYou Team

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