TutorYou Summer IB & IGCSE Revision Courses 2018

The 9th edition of TutorYou’s IB & IGCSE Revision Courses have just wrapped up on the 2nd of September, an event that involves students and tutors on a huge scale that perfectly embodies our motto: Students Helping Students.

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Year after year, season after season, TutorYou’s model of Revision Courses has always proved to be a huge success. With groups of 5 students of a similar level and a tutor who has excelled in their respective subject (gained MINIMUM a grade 6, but most usually a grade 7) the lesson proceeds smoothly for 6 hours each day (with 2 coffee breaks and lunch in between) for 3 days: totalling 18 hours for a full revision course of one subject.

The alternative is a one-to-one course that lasts for 12 hours, 6 hours for 2 days. An unbreakable bond is formed in this period and the students learn to fully trust their tutor: who has gone through their same insecurities and fears just a few years before them!

In Summer, you’d think that revising is the last things students want to do – but TutorYou encourages them and pushes them towards their goal. After all, students who are taught by someone similar in age to them will feel a more intimate connection and will be a lot more lenient to open up and truly let themselves be helped.

Schermata 2018-08-27 alle 13.40.18This year they were held at Hult International Business School Milan and the EF Italia Headquarters in Milan. Without them we wouldn’t have had a welcoming environment, so we thank them immensely!

All a this would have never been possible without the diligence of students and the determination and drive of the tutors: together they formed the perfect combination of attitudes in order to face their subjects HEAD ON. Thank you to everyone involved!

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