TutorYou at the Educatius Agent Workshop 2018

TutorYou was extremely grateful to attend the Educatius Agent Workshop 2018 these past few days in Milan. The event started with very interesting presentations from Educatius representatives talking about academic programs in the USA, Canada, U.K. and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. A true whirlwind of different programs from different schools worldwide: very global!

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The day continued with individual presentation from representatives from each school…



… Followed by an exquisite lunch where all of the agents had a chance to sit down and have meals together: one on one time to get to know each other better and discuss goals and objectives in the field of education.

Thank you Educatius for this opportunity! We would like to add that Educatius works with us to help students spend a year abroad in the best high schools around the world: USA, New Zealand, Australia… You name it! Just contact us if you are interested in spending a year abroad: with full support from us AND Educatius group!

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