Liceo Classico Ernesto Cairoli Varese European University Workshop 2018

Liceo Classico Ernesto Cairoli European University Workshop

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TutorYou truly wants the best for its students: not only the ones being tutored, but also the ones who are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and wish to go to university abroad. Today we met the students of the Liceo Classico Ernesto Cairoli in Varese, where three of our tutors led a workshop based on Italian, Spanish, Dutch and British universities. TutorYou has been invited to this event for 3 consecutive years: a university fair where some of the most illustrious Italian universities also attended, such as Bocconi University, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università Ca’ Foscari and Università San Raffaele. TutorYou was given its own room and stand to represent European universities and lead a workshop based on European university consulting.

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In fact, one of our tutors has gone through the application process for Dutch universities, another one of our tutors has successfully completed the application for British Universities while another one works professionally in the Spanish application system, helping students apply for numerous Spanish universities. In other words, they are all specialized in their respective fields.

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TutorYou had its own room where students were welcomed to attend the workshop, lasting about 35 minutes followed by a question and answer session shortly after, as well as time to gather brochures from our partner universities.

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