The QS World Grad School Fair comes to Italy

We spent the evening of the 16th and 17th of October attending the QS World Grad School Fairs in Milan and Venice. QS Top Universities has always been the leading name for university rankings and fairs. The World City School Tour is aimed at graduates thinking about where to apply for Master Degrees or PhDs to help their professional career.

QS Venezia 2

Over 100 universities were present at the Milan event. We were  invited to support three of the universities we have a close relationship with: Bath Spa University, Lancaster University and the University of Essex. Our tutors were on hand at their respective stalls to promote the universities as well as TutorYou. Venice was a very similar event but it was on a smaller scale and only 2 of the universities we support present the previous day were in attendance.

QS World City School Fair

Graduates have used this opportunity to meet with admissions attorneys at the best universities in the world, attend seminars on how to pass the GMAT test and how to access the best masters and PhDs in the world as well as applying for scholarships made available by QS.

QS VeneziaFor the participants there was a possibility of applying scholarships of   8,500 made available by QS and funding for a total of   1.4 million from the Atheneums present at the event.

QS Venezia 1

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