TutorYou Visits UCAM

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is the second largest private university in Spain, founded in 1996 with a clear mission: to provide students with the knowledge and skills to serve the society through research and development. From 13th to 14th September the TutorYou team is visiting UCAM University in Murcia, Spain. We are very proud and honored to receive this invitation from our important partner.


We are visiting both the historic cities of Murcia and Cartagena, which provide an immersive background to the beautiful new university campus, from where we can enjoy ancient Roman architecture and breathtaking sea views.


UCAM offers great undergraduate programs in Medicine, Physiotherapy and Dentistry. UCAM Language School offers students the opportunity to perfect European and international languages ​​alongside their degree.In addition to this UCAM is proud of its sporting prowess above all else with many alumni going he is to become professional athletes. UCAM students can always count on personalized attention that fits their needs.


Spain, and of course UCAM, is the perfect location to study. Not only do all member countries recognize Spanish Degree Programs but Murcia as a location is both affordable and constantly bathed in sunlight.


With a strong international vocation, UCAM students have the opportunity to develop a global perspective thanks to joint programs, collaborations and exchange agreements with over 150 universities around the world, including those in America, Singapore and Brazil. On top of this UCAM collaborates with many companies such as Coca-Cola and Vodafone to offer students workshops to gain practical skills. These are essential real world skills that prepare students for the profession they dream of.

In case you want to know more about UCAM you can check our past blog here:


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