8 Ideas for this Summer!

Have you already started planning your summer? If you haven’t, you should definitely read 8 ideas on what you could do during your holidays!

1. Travel

Travelling is always a good choice in the hot summer months! You could plan a trip with some friends to a country you have never been to. This entails discovering new cities, and also a different culture, language and cuisine. We are sure you will enjoy your holidays even more if you can step up to this challenge!

2. Adventure

Are you tired of your daily routine? What you need is some adventure!

There are numerous summer programmes where you can practice sports and participate in outdoor activities, such as horse riding, hockey, archery, football, golf and so much more! And, if you do not want to sign up to a summer camp, you can join your local youth club or sports centre!

3. Language skills

This summer could give you the opportunity to improve your language skills! Summer camps and programmes are the perfect option if you wish to focus on academics, but also participate in recreational activities. You will be surprised about the variety of options available around the world! If you need help with finding the right match for you, contact the TutorYou Team at: info@tutoryou.eu

4. Skills

If you are between 13 and 18 years old, you might want to improve your skills. It is extremely important to focus on what you are good at and how you can develop this. Furthermore, valuable skills are essential when applying to university or when looking for a job! Try studying a new subject, take time for a hobby or attend specific courses. It can be fun and rewarding!

5. Focus on your Future

During your summer holidays you have a lot of time to think about your career. You could have a taste of what your future could look like, getting involved in a work experience or internship in a chosen field.


6. Volunteering

Volunteering is always a great idea to make the most of your summer holidays! You can give support to people and causes that matter to you. There are thousands of different charities around the globe, you just need to do some research and find the best option for you.

7. Networking

If you are between 16 and 20, this is the time to get to know new people! Networking is a great idea to make friends and learn from others. It is very important to have friends around the world. You never know where you might end up living. Your contacts can be very helpful if you want to settle in a new city!

8. Career horizons

 If you are between 17 and 20, you might also consider building your CV. This is are extremely important when your are applying for a job. CVs represent us and our skills. Therefore, use your time wisely this summer and put some effort in making your CV as perfect and accurate as possible!

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