QS World University Tour

On Wednesday 19th of October TutorYou was at the “QS World University Tour” with Lancaster University!

The QS World University Tour is a fair that enables students who are interested in studying abroad to expand their knowledge regarding applications, student loans and the University system.

During the fair students could:

– Receive the QS Top Universities Guide 2014 for the first 200 attendees, including the QS World University Ranking

– Meet with admissions directors and network with alumni to learn their experiences

– Attend dedicated undergraduate seminars and workshops

– Apply for numerous scholarships from the world’s top universities

Just Before the event started:


TutorYou participated in the QS World University Tour as a provider of counselling and guidance for university applications, UCAS and the university system in general.

The fair also gives the opportunity to students to meet representatives and graduates of universities from all around the world. For example; United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, France etc.

It was a great experience!!!

We would like to thank Lancaster University in particular, for sharing their stand with TutorYou.whatsapp-image-2016-10-19-at-17-50-47

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